Glass Mason Jars

Our Customers ‘LOVE’ them! 

The perfect sippy cups for the most important little people in your life! Our iconic kids mason jars are made from glass, making each 100% non-porous. The added bonus? Your food and drinks stay fresher, for longer.

What Customers are Saying

“We love these cups! The stainless steel is a great addition to our other elk and friend’s glass tumblers. They keep my son’s drinks cold all day and they’re the perfect size. The silicone sleeves from the glass tumblers fit perfectly over them too.”

“That’s are the perfect little containers for my kids. I have a 4 and 1 year old and I am able to use them for both. Though 10 oz is a little on the low end for the 4 yr old. I like that the sleeves, and lids are interchangeable for 10 oz mason jars.”

“I bought these for my 8 month old son who loves smoothies. He already knew how to drink out of a straw and I wanted to be able to give it to him in his own cup with a straw wide enough for a smoothie to pass threw. He can hold the cup and drink it by himself.”

“I have the glass version of these and they are my favorite cups for the kiddos. When I saw they had stainless I HAD to try them! These did not disappoint. They are the same great quality as the glass but are lighter so they are perfect for my littlest one.”

“Love love love! My son refused Sippy cups. The sucking on spill proof was to much for him. He had a preference with straws but had a hard time staying interested since most had crazy valves that would only give him drop of water. The first day I gave him this he was walking around chugging water. I am very pleased. These don’t leak much either.”

“My son is getting too old for those straw cups that you need to bite down to get the liquid out, I didn’t think he was getting the water fast enough and in turn not drinking enough. We’ve never had any luck with other kinds of sippy cups. These cups are PERFECT. Perfect size for his little hands and he gets big gulps out of the thick straw.”

Stainless Steel Cups

Made from premium stainless steel our cups are built to handle drops. They are an excellent alternative to plastic cups and are perfect for everyday use at home and also picnics, camping, birthday parties and other festive events!⁠

Mealtime Inspiration

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